iPadOS: What time will Apple release this iPad update and will your tablet be compatible?

APPLE’S new iPadOS is arriving later today and here’s what time to expect the upgrade and which devices will be compatible with this new OS.

Apple iPadOS

Apple iPadOS release today (Image: APPLE)

Apple iPhone fans were recently treated to the launch of iOS 13 and now it’s the turn of iPad owners to get some shiny new features.

iPadOS will be released later today and is the first time Apple has launched a dedicated operating system for its tablets.

Along with the refreshed name, there’s also a new look coming to the Home screen which packs more apps into one place and there’s bonus extras such as a more simple way to navigate between applications and edit text.

Apple is also boasting that users should see a performance bump once iPadOS is installed with things opening twice as fast as before.

Other nice additions include a stunning Dark Mode, QuickPath keyboard which should speed up typing and you can now save and edit files on a USB drive.

Those owning an iPad Pro will also be able to use this device as a second screen to there MacBook once Apple reveals macOS Catalina next month.

So, if you own an iPad and want to install this latest and greatest software here’s all you need to know about iPadOS.


Apple never reveals an official release time but if the US technology firm follows its usual launch pattern we can expect to see the download become available at around 6pm BST.

This is almost always when Apple pushes out its downloads and there’s nothing to suggest iPadOS will be any different.

Apple iPadOS

Apple iPadOS brings new features to this tablet (Image: APPLE)


All of Apple’s latest iPad devices will be compatible with iPadOS but there are some tablets that won’t get access to this blockbuster upgrade.

Here’s a full list of every iPad that will be able to download this update later today.

Apple iPad 12.9-inch iPad Pro • 11-inch iPad Pro • 10.5-inch iPad Pro • 9.7-inch iPad Pro • iPad (7th generation) • iPad (6th generation) • iPad (5th generation) • iPad mini (5th generation) • iPad mini 4 • iPad Air (3rd generation) • iPad Air 2


If your iPad is on the list above then it’s worth keeping an eye out for this upgrade at around 6pm tonight.

You can find the download by heading to Settings > General > Software Update.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to be connected to Wi-Fi and your iPad will need plenty of free space so it’s a good idea to clear any unwanted files before trying to download.


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